Shop at Double K Specialty, Inc. Until the Cows Come Home

Our Austin, MN pet store has plenty of barnyard supplies

You can bet the farm on Double K Specialty’s agricultural supply inventory. While we maintain a wide variety of pet products, we also look out for Austin’s barnyard crowd. We strive to equip local farmers for success. You’ll find everything you need to better care for your goats, chickens, llamas and horses.

Additionally, Double K Sepcialty, Inc. sells:

  • Weed killers – shelter your crop from unwelcome guests
  • Grass feed – when your animals get the munchies, we’re prepared
  • Fertilizers – give your soil a nutrient boost
  • Salts for water softeners – eliminate hard water ions from your well

Protect your farm or garden from the ice this year

Protect your farm or garden from the ice this year

Are you primed for the big freeze? When winter arrives in Austin, Minnesota, Double K Specialty, Inc. is ready with seasonal lawn and garden products. Our ice control options will keep your residential or commercial walkways clear. Visit our local agricultural supply store for deicing tips, or call us at 507-437-1747 for more information about our inventory.