Keep the Ball Rolling for Your Family’s Hamster

Double K Specialty, Inc. stocks pet products in bulk in Austin, MN

For years, you promised your kids a pet. Getting a hamster seemed like the logical choice – they’re small, cute and don’t require walks. You told your children they were in charge of pet care, but somehow, you’re always cleaning the cage and buying new pellets. Double K Specialty, Inc. can’t motivate your family to take care of the little guy, but we can mak e your life easier. We have affordable bedding, habitats, sleepers and treats.

Stop in today to browse our selection of small animal supplies.

Give your aquatic friends the space they need

Give your aquatic friends the space they need

As a pet store in Austin, Minnesota, we don’t overlook reptiles, fish, or birds. While guinea pigs and kittens tend to be more popular, snakes and guppies have their place in the animal kingdom, too. Call 507-437-1747 to discuss:

  • Freshwater fish tanks
  • Pond maintenance
  • Snake diets and habitats
  • Wild animal care
  • Bird cages and perches

We look forward to creating a home for your small animal friend.